Aug. 14, 2014–Whose Opinion?

sandi krakowski(Be blessed by this DWOD for Aug. 14, 2014 by guest contributor Sandi Krakowski)

When Jesus spoke to the winds and the waves, He said, “Peace, be still.” The transliteration of the word “still” means to be MUZZLED.

When we look at the word “muzzled” in its most natural expression, it means to be prevented from expressing opinions freely. The storm was forbidden to express its opinion.

When the enemy comes to taunt you and harass you, never forget that, he is expressing his opinion!

When a critic comes and seeks to suck the wind out of your sails, remember this—they are entitled to their own opinion and you are well able to IGNORE their opinion.

We can’t keep bad things from happening, or challenges from occurring. We can’t make everyone be quiet. We live in a free will society and God made us to have a free will.

HOWEVER, we do not need to agree with the opinion of the storm or the waves, or anyone standing by the shores screaming, “You will drown!”

Choose to listen to God’s opinion of the storm.

He said YOU are more than a conqueror! (Romans 8:37)

He said you are well able to handle anything that comes your way. (Philippians 4:13, I Corinthians 10:13)

He said that when we are weak, He can and will make us strong, if we trust Him. (Isaiah 40:29)

He said when we don’t know what to do, He will give us wisdom, if we ask. (James 1:5)

He said that when we make big mistakes, if we confess our sin, He will be FAITHFUL, every single time, to not condemn us, but to forgive us. EVERY time. (I John 1:9)

Be very careful whose opinion you are listening to today. Let’s choose to agree with God! Amen?

(Sandi Krakowski, the founder of A Real Change, is a social media marketing expert who serves over 1.5 million clients worldwide. Sandi’s passion and purpose is to ignite people and cause them to burn with the fire that God put in their hearts, to cause them to live in freedom and to be capable of causing them to burn on their own in their respective calling).

Aug. 13, 2014–Destiny Through Prayer

Darren glory cloudOne of the ways to secure destiny is through the realization that God’s word is not just an empty basket without substance.  The word of God is about the promises of God for a life of obedience, and you are empowered by Holy Spirit to live a life of obedience when you submit your life to Christ.

It is the grace of God working in me that empowers me to obey.  All I have to do is submit, listen, obey and remain in the vine.

But when you do remain in the word of God blessings begin to overtake your life.  The same promises that were given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to the nation of Israel become promises for your life too.

What do you mean, do you ask?

Well, let’s take a passage like Deuteronomy 28 (I suggest you follow the link and read the passage in whole), which is filled with so many promises for the obedient child of God.  When I understand in my heart that these blessings are available to me because of my obedience (which again is empowered by Holy Spirit), then I can use them as a word to fight my prayer battles.  Here is an example of how I might pray using the above passage.

“Lord Jesus, you said that I would be blessed in the city and in the country and that when I come in and go out I would be blessed, therefore my God I declare that your blessing will flow through and from my life. My God, I will be the head and not the tail in all my dealings with the enemy. Nothing can arise against me to destroy me because I am obedient to Christ and His word for my life, therefore I will be victorious in all my life.” 

When these prayers take over my heart they are answered, because I am praying according to a promise in scripture, which is God’s word for my life.

And truly I am victorious in my life even when I may face valleys and mountains of many kinds.  As long as I have God’s word in my heart I know that I will overcome.  There is no fear or circumstance, nothing negative that can hold me down.  I am more than a conqueror when I have the word of God for my life.

I pray that you will feel this security too.

(This post first appeared as the DWOD for Nov. 17, 2012)

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